Artwork Guidelines

We accept the following art files
Adobe Photoshop:  art should be created at a resolution of 300 DPI at the printing size.  The color mode should be CMYK.  Please Rasterize all type layers.

Adobe Illustrator:  .ai and .pdf files.  Please create outlines for all type.

Corel Draw:  Please convert files to .pdf before uploading/sending to us.  Please convert all type to curves.

Other:  We can work with jpegs or pretty much any file as long as it is of the highest quality.  If you can zoom in at 100%  and not see any "fuzziness" you should be good to go.  If you are not sure, please send us your artwork for review before ordering.  

Image Size

Please send your artwork at the size you would like it printed.  Note:  our standard print size area is 12" x 12".  Please email if you are in need of a larger print.

- Not sure if your artwork meets requirements?  Send it to us before you order and we will let you know.  

- Do you need help with your current artwork or need custom artwork design?  Just let us know, we are happy to help.